In an extraordinary exchange on Question Time, a Brexiteer has claimed she knew exactly what she was voting for in 2016 before going on to say nobody knows what will happen after the UK leaves the EU.

In a heated exchange with retail magnate and Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis, the audience member says:

Theo, you make some valid points and you may want to step down from your high horse but I absolutely stand on my high horse that… three years ago I knew exactly what I was voting for, I stick by it and I continue to stick by it.

Nothing has changed and nothing has changed for 17.4 million people.

Paphitis then asks the Brexiteer if she knows what’s going to happen next and is told in reply:

Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Remainers will stick by figures and forecasts and that’s what they do.

Echoes of Donald Trump or Stewart Lee’s taxi driver routine in the latter part of that reply.

Paphitis also revealed he had originally voted to leave but had changed his mind, explaining:

I voted reluctantly to leave but I am here telling you I am prepared to get off my big high horse, take what’s right for the country first, not what I originally thought… When you realise things have changed, you change your plan.

This one will run and run.

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