Brexiteer Tory MP responds to 'no-deal' leak by needlessly mocking Greta Thunberg

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David T.C. Davies, the Welsh politician and ardent Brexiteer, has responded to a “no-deal” leak by unnecessarily mocking Greta Thunberg.

Davies, a man opposed to same-sex marriage and sceptical about climate change, tweeted the following in response to the details reported by The Sunday Times regarding Operation Yellowhammer:

Project fear latest in the @thetimes: No fuel, no flights & no meat. Its (sic) everything the climate activists are demanding. If Greta Thunberg finds out she’ll be arriving on a yacht to campaign for a hard Brexit.

People were unimpressed and had thoughts to share with the MP for Monmouth, especially since the leak was from a government report and not simply scaremongering by a newspaper.

Will he apologise or admit his mistake? Of course not, this is Twitter.

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