Talking heads and commentators on Fox News aren’t most notable for their wit, or for their commitment to the facts.

With the events of the last week – as protests around police brutality and violence have spread around the US – Fox News commentators have been having somewhat of a field day. Brian Kilmeade, a conservative TV presenter for Fox News, spoke about the protests in New York City.

Earlier this week, the mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio said that recent events had made him think of 'Imagine', the iconic song by John Lennon. Videos and news reports of police arresting and violently detaining peaceful protesters in New York City this week, as a curfew was imposed, have circulated on social media. In reference to the unrest in New York City, Kilmeade said on Thursday that “John Lennon wouldn’t be safe in this city right now.”

People were quick to point out that Lennon was actually shot dead in New York City, and that Lennon was actually organising a protest when this happened.

For someone who works in news, Kilmeade should probably have familiarised himself with some of the finer details around Lennon’s life before going on a national television channel and making that comparison.

Then again, Kilmeade hosts Fox & Friends, one of president Trump’s favourite shows, so maybe it’s not really that surprising.

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