People are devastated to find out that Mark Darcy definitely isn't based on Keir Starmer

Bridget Jones' s Diary author Helen Fielding created the man of many people’s dreams in Mark Darcy – but apparently he is not based on Sir Keir Stamer and it's left people very confused.

It seems like some people wanted to believe the rumours, while others struggled to understand why they exist in the first place.

For months now a theory that the character, played by Colin Firth in the film adaptations, is based on the Labour leader has been swimming around.

But we can all put our hopes right back down because It’s not true.

Sir Keir wanted his party members to take a training course in unconscious bias and said he would\u00a0go first\u00a0(

It’s not a wild out-of-the-blue theory mind you. Fielding went to university with Stamer and there are significant parallels between the politician and the character.

Just like Darcy, Starmer made a name for himself taking on cases pro-bono. Starmer represented defendants in the McLibel case – a dispute between McDonald's and environmental activists Helen Steel and David Morris. Starmer has also been a defence barrister, just like Darcy.

Speaking on Desert Island Discs this weekend, the author said:

“I had several different boyfriends, all very gorgeous. 

“It’s amazing the number of people that lay claim to be Daniel [Hugh Grant’s character] or Mark, including Keir Starmer.”

Of course, the clarification and the rumour itself has left some people "confused" and "haunted".

Although, other fans of the book already have their own ideas:

Meanwhile, as the author broke her silence on the theory some social media users held on to the possibility that it could be true:

Let it be known that Stamer has never actually claimed to be the inspiration behind Mr Darcy, although he did address the rumours earlier this year.

In an interview with ITV News, the Labour leader said:

Everybody asks me this question when they should be asking her [Fielding] because she knows the answer and I don’t. 

It’s a rumour that’s been doing the rounds for years, but I honestly don’t know the answer… Of course I would (be flattered). But I honestly don’t know.

Where did this theory even come from?

Though the exact origin is hard to pinpoint, in January the i paper’s Jane Merrick reported that rumours of the link have been swirling for years.

At that point, there was no confirmation from either Fielding or Stamer. According to Merrick, none of the parties involved have ever denied that this rumour is true. So that gave fans of the book some ammunition to believe the theory.

Now the mystery has ended and another has begun: Who is Mr Darcy based on then?

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