Britain came to a standstill on Wednesday to watch a livestream of a puddle. Yes, a puddle

Rebecca Reid@RebeccaCNReid
Wednesday 06 January 2016 16:30

At one point on Wednesday afternoon more than 20,000 (Twenty. Thousand.) people watched a livestream of a puddle in Newcastle. Yes, really.

DrummondPuddleWatch, as it was titled on Periscope, was a very big puddle. And lots of people watched it. It might not sound compelling, but Periscope viewers are calling it "better than James Bond" and "More addictive than Netflix".

In short, everyone loved this puddle

It was the top trend on Twitter in the UK

Basically there's a massive puddle on quite a busy pedestrian road and almost twenty thousand people (!!!) wanted to watch how people dealt with it:

A woman with a Sainsbury's bag got trapped by the puddle and stared at it for a few minutes. The internet waited with baited breath.

Next a couple approached it together. In a beautiful act of self sacrifice one of them helps the other on to the wall at the side, leaving himself stranded.

Whenever someone made it over, in a moment that displays the best of humanity, there's a pure moment of celebration.

Things started to get out of hand

It was a lot (ok not a lot) like the end of Titanic

There were jokes aplenty

But also heavy doses of skepticism...

2016: What a year to be alive.

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