Britain First has announced its big plan to leave the EU, and it is laughably pathetic

With just 20 days to go until the EU referendum, the big players on both sides of the debate are cranking up their campaigns... and so is Britain First.

In an email to its supporters on Thursday night, the far-right group, which has quickly swept its disappointing performance in the London mayoral election under the rug, announced it was going to turn its "big guns" on Europe.

After using a heavily massaged quote from Winston Churchill, leader Paul Golding bad-mouthed the "treacherous pro-Brussels collaborators" and announced the group would "unload our firepower to help swing the referendum towards a Brexit".

It all sounds very convincing so far...

But what exactly, we hear you ask, are these 'big guns'?

Golding's EU "battle plan" (his words, not ours) includes:

  • £4,000 worth of leaflets
  • A table stall, complete with a "wrap-around banner", and some flags
  • A 12-page pamphlet
  • Some Facebook videos

Sure sounds convincing in the face of the £9m leaflets sent out by the Remain campaign, the campaigning of household names like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove by the Leave campaign and every other establishment figure in between.

Paul Golding just making like Nasa again:

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