Britain First goes back to Leicester, gets chased out of town again

Unperturbed by the fact they were chased out of town last weekend, Britain First returned to Leicester for a spot of Brexit campaigning on Saturday - and the same thing happened again.

Paul Golding and about 20 Britain First members came back and set up a stall in the exact same place in the city centre to "disprove media statements that said we were driven out". (They were.)

But once again, around 100 people - including Leicester's mayor - showed up to tell the group they weren't welcome.

Every time a member of Britain First tried to say something, they were drowned out by chants of "losers!":

Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby had a heated argument with Golding, telling the far-right leader:

This is a multi racial city and you are not welcome here.

I have a mandate from 77,000 voters and I say on their behalf, leave Leicester.

A police escort eventually ended up leading Britain First away and Golding himself was arrested.

All's well that ends well, eh?

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