British council urges parents to ban their children from watching ‘Squid Game’

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Squid Game


Squid Game has dominated just about every conversation since it premiered on Netflix and it was only a matter of time before it inspired copycats to bring the haunting show to life.

While the Korean thriller series is definetly not intended for children due to its extremely barbaric nature, a local British council has penned a letter to parents urging them not to allow their kids to watch the Netflix show after reports of children violently recreating scenes.

For those that have yet to watch the popular show, the series follows a group of people in debt who enter a competition where they play children’s games with a fatal twist—those who lose, die. If they win and make it to the end alive, they’re promised a hefty amount of money in return.

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All of the games in Squid Game are classic playground games such a tug of war or red light, green light. Many were drawn to the horror series because of its seemingly nostalgic spin of games we played during our adolescence, but it was obviously never meant to attract kids.

Now, parents in the UK are reportedly receiving warnings from schools about students using physical violence to mimic the games with the losers getting beaten up.

The Guardian reported that the education safeguarding team from the Central Bedfordshire council sent an email to parents and guardians in the district urging them to "be vigilant” of kids imitating the show.

"There have been some concerning reports recently about children and young people 'playing' Squid Game whilst at school," read the email from the Central Bedfordshire Council according to the publication. "Squid Game is also being viewed via other platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, and given the popularity of the games in the show, developers have made various mini-games based on Squid Game on Roblox and other gaming platforms."

"We strongly advise that children should not watch Squid Game. The show is quite graphic with a lot of violent content,” the email concluded.

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