Britons think our media is more right wing than the rest of Europe

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Monday 08 February 2016 18:40

People believe the UK has the 'most right wing’ media in Europe, a new survey has found.

Out of seven different Europe countries polled, Brits were the most likely to say both that the national press is right wing, and that it is too negative about immigration, YouGov found.

More people think coverage is too right-wing biased for every category polled - the economy, housing, health, crime, the refugee crisis and immigration.

At most, 32 per cent of people think the balance is right on crime stories, and 31 per cent on the economy.

On average, 26 per cent of people think the media is skewed towards the right - more than Finland (23 per cent) and France (19 per cent), the other top two.

Graph: Statista

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