Quiz: how influenced are you by political bias?

Quiz: how influenced are you by political bias?

Whether your political views, we can all agree that tribal politics can lead to stalemates when it comes to getting things done (as well as heated debates with your friends that last until the early hours of the morning.)

But how good are you at evaluating just how much your political standpoint influences the way you look at issues?

US-based, a not-for-profit project that helps people make the right decisions, has put together an ingenious quiz that objectively lays out your inherent political biases and the areas in which you're more likely to be guided by prejudiced thinking.

The quiz is primarily designed for the US but it still sheds light on the differences between how left and right wing minded people view the world.

If you think you can handle the truth, try it out for yourself below - and if the quiz doesn't load, you can also take it here.

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