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Ah Brexit, how we hate thee? Let us count the ways.

The Conservative government have launched a series of bizarre adverts about Getting Brexit Done in an effort to, we’re not sure – appeal to the masses?

One such advert, spotted on the train, was malfunctioning.

The ad reads:

There are 9 days to get ready for Brexit. Prepare now at gov.uk/brexit.

However the electronic ad, which is at a number of train stations, wasn’t working properly, and someone spotted it and put in online.

An error code appeared on the screen:

Bsp.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

It’s become a bit of a metaphor for Brexit, tbh

Others found it to be the cherry on top of a collapsed cake

Boris Johnson is preparing to push for a pre-Christmas general election after talks with Labour ended without a successful breakthrough on a timetable for parliament to pass a Brexit deal.

One Downing Street source said: “At that point, we know what will happen."

This broken parliament will always vote for delay, rather than a deal. Therefore, if parliament is unwilling to vote for a deal, then we will have to get to a general election.

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