Amber Rudd really isn't happy with a man who ghosted her daughter and then slid into her DMs

Note to all the boys out there that don't intend on treating women respectfully - maybe watch out for former cabinet ministers' daughters who can very easily put you on blast to thousands of people.

Apparently, one such chap didn't think this through at all when at 3:39am he texted a girl he ghosted 10 years ago after she lost her virginity to him.

Unfortunately, that girl was Flora Gill, who is not just an accomplished journalist but also the daughter of Amber Rudd (and AA Gill, but at least for the purposes of this story he is irrelevant).

Like any self-respecting millennial, Gill posted a screenshot of the cringey text - along with the context - on Twitter to try and crowdsource replies.

And her followers absolutely came through, but no one had a better reply than... her mum.

Instead of running into a bush to hide forever, Gill responded in the most perfectly relatable way.

People were absolutely living for this exchange, including writer Emily Clarkson, who recently got into a Twitter spat with her own dad Jeremy.

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