This man has come up with some evil Halloween treats to give to the local children you hate

While most people would go to the supermarket and grab a bag of sweets for the forthcoming trick or treat madness, one man has decided to put an evil spin on things.

Mark Sparrow, whose Twitter profile describes him as a ‘Journalist photographer and technology scribe’, posted a picture of a sliced Brussel sprout covered in chocolate.

One man replied with a picture of onions dipped in toffee disguised as toffee apple - the ultimate Halloween prank.

Sparrow also attracted a large amount of attention from Americans...

He felt he had to clear things up:

Dear Americans... It's a joke. No one is going to feed you horrible vegetables covered in chocolate. Calm down!

However, one woman, with the Twitter username Lady Godiva,confessed that she has been dipping Brussels sprouts in chocolate every Halloween to prank people. "I've done this for the last 5 years. I save ferrero rocher wrappers for them to give them that litttle bit extra."

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