There's going to be a special 50p coin to mark Brexit - and it's being brutally mocked on Twitter

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Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to announce a new 50p Brexit coin during the 2018 Budget and it feels a bit like a slap in the face to anyone who voted to remain.

In what's being hailed as a 'a victory for The Sun' the seven-sided coin will bear the phrase 'Friendship With All Nations' and it is going to be available from March 29 next year.

Clearly the phrase etched into the coin is supposed to send a positive signal to the world, but it instead comes off a little passive aggressive.

It would seem that Mr Hammond has a rather warped idea of how friendship works, perhaps the coin was meant to read 'loathing' instead?

Winning the referendum vote clearly wasn't enough for The Sun, as they've been campaigning for the Government to officially mark Brexit with something more concrete, or metal in this case.

It sounds an awful lot like being a sore winner and suffice it to say, while a lot of people have some great jokes about the coin, people aren't exactly thrilled about the idea.

As the nightmare that is the Brexit process keeps on chugging along, day-to-day life is becoming more like a never ending episode of Black Mirror.

Perhaps the most horrifying thing about this 50p Brexit coin is the fact that, as one person on Twitter pointed out, it certainly is not enough to even buy a Freddo with.

Thanks, Brexit.

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