In case you haven't heard, Burger King has a new plant-based burger and people are obsessed with it.

And while you might equate "plants" with "healthy" or "low-calorie", don't be fooled because that doesn't seem to be true.

In fact, the original Whopper with real beef is 660 calories, according to the BK website while the meatless Impossible Whopper is actually 630 calories. Say what?

It turns out that the meatless Impossible Whopper, which made its debut on 1 April in St Louis, not only tastes uncannily close to the real thing but also has almost the same amount of calories.

But why, you ask?

Well, to make a plant-based burger taste like meat, it has to have similar components, which means it has to be just as packed with proteins and fat. A spokesperson for Impossible Foods, the startup that helped make the Whopper, said that the goal of the revolutionary plant-based patty is not to lose weight:

Impossible meat is meant to mimic beef as much as possible, but made entirely from plants.

A quarter-pound Impossible Burger (original recipe) contains approximately the same amounts of fat and calories as a quarter-pound burger from cows, and delivers slightly more protein and iron than a burger from cows.

Regardless of calorie-count, it's still pretty exciting that Burger King now offers vegetarian-friendly classics.

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