Cabin crew could be talking about you in code without you realising it

Cabin crew could be talking about you in code without you realising it
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Communication between passengers and cabin crew in the air is vital, but has it ever occurred that staff could be talking about you in code without you realising it?

A flight expert with 14 years of experience in the industry has opened up about the secret games and codes that crew often use to pass the time during long flights.

Ally Murphy was a member of cabin crew with Virgin Atlantic who has seen it all when it comes to aviation, and she spoke about one particular pastime popular among people in her position.

The game is all focused on finding “bob”.

That doesn't necessarily mean looking for a man called Bob, either. Instead, bob stands for “best on board”. Crew would task each other with finding the person they fancied the most on the plane, before relaying the message covertly to members of their team.

“There's always that code,” Ally told indy100. “If you say, ‘Oh, Bob is sitting in 28C’. That means the best on board, so the best looking person on board.”

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Ally went on to say: “On board, if you're doing the service you might say, ‘Oh, yeah, Bobby's in 28C,’ so that in the middle of service when people can overhear you, you can have a little message with your friend without them knowing.”

It’s not the only slightly flirtatious game played by cabin crew, either, if TikTok is to be believed – apparently, there's a hidden code which the attendants use when standing next to each other at the exit too.

Ally also said there’s a slightly more bizarre game that cabin crew used to like playing as well, known simply as the “hide the banana game”.

“The funniest one, I always loved this, was hide the banana," she said. "As crew, one person would have to go and hide the banana somewhere, and then the other people get to go and find it. That was probably the strangest.”

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