TikToker reveals secret game flight attendants play with guests

TikToker reveals secret game flight attendants play with guests
Flight attendants are fed up with these statements
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Did you know there’s a "secret code" that flight attendants use to keep themselves entertained on flights?

A TikToker has posted a video which details the “see you later” game – and you might just want to keep your ears open for it the next time you fly.

User Garret Clanton (@gowithgarret) spoke about it in a recent video, saying: “Did you know that a lot of flight attendants play a game called, ‘see you later?’”

The game, at least according to the viral clip, takes place when people are stepping off the plane after a flight.

As the video states, there’s a hidden code which the attendants use when standing next to each other at the exit.


See you later alligator #flightattendantlife

Clanton claims that if a flight attendant says “see you later” to a guest, then it means they want to sleep with them.

“So, next time you getting off the plane and if that flight attendant says, ‘see you later,’ I think twice on what that really means,” the TikToker said in the clip.

Could it be true? One to watch out for the next time you fly…

Meanwhile, a flight attendant who quit her "dream" job to work in McDonald’s recently revealed why she doesn't regret her decision.

Swapping the skies for the fast food chain is exactly what Saffron Laszkowicz from Doncaster did, and in a viral TikTok she has opened up about how the career move has proven to be more lucrative.

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