Cadbury's says Twirl is not just a Flake covered in chocolate

Cadbury has put to rest an argument between some sweet-toothed social media users.

It was sparked by a TikTok user who suggested that Twirls were simply Flakes covered in a chocolate coating - which to the causal chocolate connoisseur probably feels like a safe bet.

However, we can now conclude that assumption is very incorrect.

Amid the debate, Cadbury’s told LadBible: “Both Cadbury Twirl and Cadbury Flake bars are made with the Cadbury chocolate that we know and love.

“We can confirm that they are not one and the same - how each of them made are a secret though, known only to our brilliant chocolate makers.”

Dan Timlin was the one who got the furore going after posting a video showing a packet of Flakes and a packet of Twirls, saying: “They’re the same thing, man.”

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This got a whole discourse going. A user commented that Twirls melted and the Flakes didn’t and said they tasted different from each other.

Some users said they agreed and thought they were essentially the same thing.

One user said: “A Twirl is a flake that’s got its life together”. Another remarked that Twirls were much easier to eat, because of the jacket of chocolate.

Whatever your views, Cadbury’s has made its position clear. Maybe we’ll have to go and taste a few, just to test the theory out.

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