Cadbury World master chocolatiers make 50kg chocolate Halloween toad

Cadbury World master chocolatiers make 50kg chocolate Halloween toad
A chocolate toad has been created by master chocolatiers at Cadbury World in time for Halloween (Phil Barnett/PA)

Master chocolatiers at Cadbury World have unveiled a “spooky” Halloween toad complete with autumnal leaves, a wand and spell books.

The detailed 90cm-high creation, comprising 50kg of chocolate, was designed to be “as whimsical as possible without being too scary” for visitors to the Birmingham attraction.

Green cocoa butter was used to create the creature’s eyes, while white chocolate was carved to create part of the books seen on the display.

Cadbury World chocolatier Donna Oluban said of the Halloween-themed creation: “It’s a collective idea – we all sort of sit down and have a think about what we are going to do for our next project and we came up with the toad.”

The creation is 90cm tall (Phil Barnett/PA)The toad is 90cm tall and the display features a wand and spell books (Phil Barnett/PA)

Describing the challenges faced during the project, she added: “The legs are made out of jugs of chocolate.

“Believe it or not his legs were like the major problem, at the back, because frogs’ legs are a bit like a concertina.

Ms Oluban working on the chocolate creation (Phil Barnett/PA)Donna Oluban working on the chocolate creation (Phil Barnett/PA)

“So we actually made long bags, taped them up, filled them with chocolate and we put in the shape of the leg, and then we have peeled off the bags afterwards.

“Everything is a challenge. We have to get our thinking caps on and between us, we come up with all these inventive ideas.”

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