Chocolate fans aren’t sure about Cadbury’s new Caramilk bar and are staying loyal to the Caramac

When Cadbury’s launched a UK version of its Caramilk bar, people were excited.

The new chocolate, which was previously only available in Australia, promised so much – caramelised white chocolate specifically. And while traditional Caramac bars are made up of caramel-flavoured condensed milk, Caramilk bars are real chocolate so there was all to play for.

But unfortunately, it seems as if the launch, which officially happened in June, has fallen flat. Cadbury’s today started a Twitter hashtag #JustAskAnAussie, trying to promote the chocolate by claiming Australians love it.

But if social media is anything to go by, it seems that people aren’t massively keen on the new snack.

Someone said it was “nowhere near as nice” as the Caramac, which is a Nestle product, with Caramac soon trending on Twitter instead.

Another claimed it was like a “flavourless block of wax”.

And a third said the Australian version was nicer:

But some people enjoyed the chocolate bar. One said it was “to die for”.

Another said it was nice but complained about its size:

On the website, Cadbury says: “Cadbury are launching in the UK Cadbury Caramilk Golden Caramel chocolate- a caramelised white chocolate.

“Enjoy the smooth golden blend of caramelised white chocolate.

“Caramilk is a Cadbury product enjoyed in other countries around the world and it’s now time for the UK to taste this amazing bar.”

It is a shame some people are so disappointed.

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