Depending on your political viewpoint, Caitlyn Jenner’s politics is either her strong point or her weak spot.

But either way, her political beliefs are complex to say the least.

After supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 election, even after he called Mexicans “rapists”, mocked a disabled reporter and was heard bragging about touching women without their consent, it seems Jenner has finally hit her limit.

On her reality show, Jenner even said she thought Trump would be good for women’s issues. But as the penny has started to drop, Jenner has changed her tone. She recently stated that Trump has set trans issues back by 20 years.

After news emerged that the Trump administration is planning on redefining gender to erase trans rights, Jenner took to Twitter to make her feelings clear.

But as with most Jenner-related news, the tweet is dividing the internet.

Many people pointed out that it seems a little rich of Jenner to criticise Trump now when she’s spent so long defending him.

But others thought Jenner’s intervention was a positive move. Though it's fair to say they were definitely in the minority.

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