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Sometimes people who are really unqualified for office get elected to extremely powerful positions. Not that we’re thinking of anyone in particular or anything.

But although giant orange babies have been elected recently, a town in California have taken things one step closer to ridiculousness by electing a dog as mayor. Yes, you read that correctly.

Idyllwild has allowed a golden retriever named Maximus Might Dog Mueller II to become its mayor. In fact, he’s been in office for five years.

The entirely cat and dog mayoral race of 2012 was contested by 14 dogs and two cats. People paid $1 to vote and all proceeds were donated to animal rescue services.

Maximus is apparently often seen cruising around town in his personalised dog-proof pickup truck and makes regular public appearances.

By all accounts locals and visitors are completely smitten with the furry mayor.

A visitor called Andrea Valadez told KMIR TV:

Max is awesome. He is super friendly and he lets my son give him treats.

The role lasts for life, so we expect to be seeing even more of Mayor Max for years to come. He certainly beats other animals who’ve been elected recently and the way things are going he'll probably last longer in office.

H/T: LadBible

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