Hosting his LBC radio show on Tuesday, James O'Brien held a phone-in discussion about the news that a 74-year-old British expat will face 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia after being found with "home-brewed alcohol".

While Karl Andree's family have claimed the punishment is a death sentence, some LBC callers were less than sympathetic, saying that if you live in Saudi Arabia, you must live by their rules.

However, one man - Mohammed, a Yorkshireman living in Belfast - called in to say that Britain should be ashamed of its attitude before explaining his pride at being a British passport holder.

I cannot believe that we have British citizens ringing up to say if you're in that country you have to live by their rules.

They use these rules to control their population and no other reason...

And we sit there and we are allowing seventy-something-year-old man to get flogged, possibly to his death, because 'oh, it's their rules'.

Even after O'Brien pointed out the difficulty for the British government to criticise the Saudi regime when its relationship to the UK is worth something like £13bn every year, Mohammed was resolute - reeling off a beautiful summation of what it means to be British.

I was travelling the other day and I had my British passport in my hand and I walked through Moroccan passport control with nothing, because it holds so much weight and I was so proud that I've got this passport in my hand.

I know that I'm protected. And then I hear this story and just because it's Saudi Arabia and we sit there and we bow down to these absolute pigs.

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