The moment a cameraman falls in a lake and still manages to capture the perfect shot

Greg Evans
Sunday 27 May 2018 14:30

Being a camera operator on live television is a job with untold possibilities and is consistently unpredictable.

Not so long ago a BBC cameraperson captured a live car crash. Then there was that time last summer when an A-level student opened his results live on TV and it was quite awkward.

Thankfully the cameraperson went unharmed in both of those instances. The same cannot be said for this poor cameraman known as Chris.

When he was filming a segment at a lake for 8 News Now, a local news station in Las Vegas, Nevada, he suffered a comedy pratfall into the drink.

To his credit though he didn't let the moment overcome his professionalism and he continued with the footage and actually managed to come up with a very artistic shot.

Take a look at the entire footage for yourself.

You've got to admire the commitment from the presenter to who wasn't flustered in the slightest and carried on reporting without any hysterics.

We particularly love the line:

We can tell the bosses that no electronics or cameras were injured in this live shot.

Kudos to all those involved for creating internet gold.

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