This quiz can guess how old you are with just seven questions

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The quiet zone on the train exists for a reason.

A survey of 2,213 British adults by the polling company YouGov has gauged the extent to which people are willing to chat in common social situations.

Here's a brief breakdown - it seems we're more chatty with neighbours than cab drivers - and chatting with random people on public transport is definitely off limits.

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An interesting aspect of the research was that certain age demographics were more chatty than others in general.

With this in mind, and using absolutely no scientific or statistical rigour, we made a quiz, based on where you fall on the chattiness bell curve.

Take the quiz, below:

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The research showed that the younger demographics were less interested in conversation with strangers than older people.

Particularly those aged 18-34.

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Headphones in, on their phone.

Typical millennials, eh?

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