Can you spot the difference between this boy's hands?


Can you spot what is different about these hands?

The above image was submitted to the mildlyinteresting subreddit by user rdelly_21, who claimed that the hands were those of his brother, who is in his sixth year at school.

So, have you spotted it?

Picture:Picture: imgur/rdelly_21/edited by indy100

He doesn't have any of the creases at the uppermost joint of his fingers on one hand.

As rdelly said, when asked if he could bend these joints, or if the joints were fused:

That must be the case!! He cannot bend them at the distal joint of those two fingers.

Then someone posed a far more intriguing question:

How did he take this picture?

We have no idea - if you do please enlighten us.

Many joint disorders could be the cause for the condition of the person in the image, such as joint contractures in which shortened muscles, tendons or ligaments restrict normal movement or when connective tissues become less flexible, decreasing a range of motion.

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