Resurfaced clip shows Joe Rogan schooling Candance Owens on her climate change denial

Resurfaced clip shows Joe Rogan schooling Candance Owens on her climate change denial

Footage has resurfaced of Joe Rogan attempting to explain the dangerous reality of climate change to the American right-wing activist Candace Owens after she claimed it wasn’t real.

Owens has recently made headlines again after she attacked the Democrats over the ‘Equality Act’ calling it “unbelievably offensive.”

The outspoken conservative and Donald Trump supporter was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast back in July 2018 where they began to discuss the topic of climate change, which Owens said she didn’t think was real.

Owens admitted to the host that she doesn’t believe that humans should try to care for the environment and although the acknowledged that the climate ‘changes’ she doesn’t believe that this is because of anything that humans have done.

Rogan, rather than allowing Owens to deny that climate change existed decided to challenge her on her stance, especially when she tried to claim that there was some disagreement on the subject in the science community. “It’s very little disparity,” says Rogan before adding, “Most scientists, the vast majority, agree that human beings are negatively affecting climate change.”

Owens responds by saying “I just don’t think so” to which Rogan replies with “so you think that the very few scientists that disagree with the consensus are the ones that are correct?” Owens claims that the stance on the issue is either ‘subjective’ or ‘objective.’

In a bizarre rebuke, Owens tries to discredit the Scientific American website because it is a .com rather than a .org, claiming that the former is a “random website” designed to make money.

The clip resurfaced after being shared by television producer Andrew Kimmel and left many people stunned, especially as Owens uses .com websites to spread her message.

In an extended version of the conversation that is available on YouTube, Owens admits that recycling is good, as is removing plastic from the oceans however, she caveats that by claiming that she isn’t educated on every matter which seems to leave Rogan briefly stunned.

Recent reports have shown that the toll that the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and transport systems could add up to $25tr and that the Atlantic Ocean current is now at its weakest point for more than a millennium.

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