Caroline Calloway accused of antisemitism after implying she'll dress up as Anne Frank for OnlyFans

Caroline Calloway accused of antisemitism after implying she'll dress up as Anne Frank for OnlyFans

Caroline Calloway is so notorious it seems like a disservice to call her an influencer at this point.

She's the absolute queen of a comeback, weathering scandals about her Fyre Festival-esque "creativity workshop", a public feud culminating in an internet-breaking tell-all essay from her former BFF and numerous very public arguments on social media.

Now she's finding herself in the midst of another controversy, but this one is about more than just what constitutes a "home made lunch".

Calloway is facing serious accusations of antisemitism based on her latest social media comments.

Here's what happened...

Calloway posted on Instagram to ask her followers which literary hero she should dress up as on her OnlyFans. OnlyFans allows creators to post videos and images which are restricted to people who pay to subscribe to their accounts. While it has a number of uses, it's mainly associated with, errr, X-rated content, shall we say.

(We don't personally subscribe to Calloway's OnlyFans, but if her Twitter is anything to go by it won't be disappointing to people looking for NSFW imagery of the controversial star.)

Anyway, someone responded to her question suggesting Anne Frank which is... seriously weird and problematic. Clearly Calloway didn't agree though, given she liked the comment and posted a screenshot on her Insta stories.

This did not go down well, and she was immediately met with backlash, with people calling her antisemitic.

This is not the first time she's faced accusations of antisemitism. Earlier this week she was called out for posting a cartoon that people perceived as a subtweet to Natalie Beech, the aforementioned former bestie. The image was riddled with antisemitic tropes, and people were quick to call her out, for which she later apologised, essentially claiming ignorance.

It's possible that the original "Anne Frank" comment was actually an attempt to troll Calloway based on this incident, but it's baffling that she took the bait.

If there's one thing Calloway should have learnt after all these years it's to think before you tweet. Sigh.

indy100 reached out to Calloway to see if she'd be up for explaining any context behind this latest controversy. She hasn't responded yet, but if she does we'll let you know.

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