Partygate: Boris Johnson claims 'it did not occur' to him that he ...

A cat photobombed a political reporter on Sky News, making for an unexpected but adorable scene for viewers at home.

Deputy political editor Sam Coates tried his best to deliver the latest update on Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal on-air live and desperately tried to keep his cat off-camera. He failed.

The cat’s appearance was called out by presenter Mark Austin, who said, "He’s got his cat there with him, I’m very pleased to see that."

Alas, feline or not, the show must go on and the host then changed topics, saying, "So, some news about Carrie Johnson?"

Presumably Coates was working from home as parliament is in recess, and until the fines dropped, this was expected to be a pretty chilled week.

"A CAT IS PHOTOBOMBING SKY NEWS," one person tweeted alongside a video from the segment.

As Coates continued to try and push the stubborn cat out of the shot he said, "That’s right," and went on to read a statement issued by Johnson’s spokeswoman—cat still in sight.

"Sam Coates dealing with his cat and a big story," joked Austin once he was done.

Delighted viewers took to social media to share their amusement with the situation.

"More of Sky News Sam Coates’ cat please. And less of Johnson’s lies," read a tweet.

"The perils of working from home, Sam Coates trying hard to keep his big floofy white cat out of shot on Sky News," wrote one person.

"@SamCoatesSky trying to keep his cat off-screen whilst simultaneously landing a big story is exactly what I need from my news coverage," wrote one person.

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