Cats has bombed at the box office and no one is surprised

Cats has bombed at the box office and no one is surprised

It turns out that Cats can't have a little profitable box office run, as a treat.

Unfortunately it appears people still read film reviews; the cursed adaption of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Cats, is now a financial flop in addition to being a critical one.

Although it attracted viewers who wanted to see it simply because they’d heard it was so bad, it turns out the masochist demographic is not enough to turn a profit. Even James Corden, who stars as Bustopher Jones, admitted he hadn't seen the film but had heard it was "terrible".

Latest predictions now see Cats losing Universal Pictures around $100 million (£65.8 million) at the box office.

That’s no kitty kibble; it’s a big chunk of money.

Reports suggest that thus far, Cats has only pulled in around $38 million (£28.9 million) globally.

To put that into perspective, The GrinchUniversal’s big Christmas release in 2018 earned $67.8 million (£51.6 million) in its opening weekend and $511 million (£389 million) worldwide in total, well surpassing its $75 million budget (£57.5 million).

Universal has also canned their planned Oscar campaign for the movie — which is upsetting because it would definitely be hilarious and give everyone a big January laugh.

But it’s not a completely bleak outlook for Cats… Its combination of terrible reviews, gleeful patrons who declare that it transcends “good or bad” because it’s so deranged, and the bizarre mishmash of a-listers who appear in it mean it looks set to become a cult classic.

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