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An Instagram account that has been exposing the edits that celebrities have allegedly been making to their photos and make-up techniques has been accused of bullying.

The private account, which is called Celebface, has been active since 2015 and has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

The general tone of the account is to share pictures of celebrities, both male and female, and show the subtle changes they make to the photos they share online.

Regularly featured celebs include Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Timothee Chalamet.

Images from the account will not be included in this article but if you wish to see them, you can request a follow for the account here.

The changes are very subtle and barely noticeable in the side-by-side image. But when users click on the video they can see what changes have been made.

According to the Daily Mail, the anonymous owner of the account said that they want to "show the truth" and dispell the myth that celebrities are "perfect".

Other things that are posted on the account include 'then and now' pictures, which show images of how a celebrity has aged over a course of time, and close-up photos on a celebrity's face.

However, despite its popularity, the account is often claimed to be guilty of shaming celebrities and promoting negativity.

A caption that was included in a side-by-side image of model Bella Hadid from a Vogue Japan photo shoot read:

Hi Bella! Well, now you know about Celebface, because you blocked me.

I have a message for you. You are a beautiful girl, but you have serious problems. 

Your best friend is a plastic surgeon, but you don't love yourself.

You were chosen for the cover of Vogue (this is every girl's dream), but you are using Photoshop again because you don't like your face. It's sad. 

Your parents bought your career, but they didn't buy the confidence for you.

 I wish you to be happy because you don't love yourself and are unsure of yourself. 

Although the page has been criticised for exposing others insecurities others praise it for calling out celebrities who claim to have never had any work done.

In their interview with the Mail the owner of the account added:

I just want to show the truth. This is not a page for hate.

This is the page for people who use Instagram every day and they think celebrities are perfect.

But nobody is perfect. Celebrities are ordinary people.

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