Hijackers turn Change UK's old Twitter account into a pro-Brexit nightmare

Until now, the UK's right wing haven't appeared to be particularly tech-savvy.

Remember Activate - the attempt at a Tory version of Momentum whose Twitter account simply baffled the internet as to whether it was self-parody before appearing to go to war with itself.

So, presumably, the team behind Change UK/The Independent Group thought they would be safe to leave their old Twitter handle unmanned during another rebranding effort.

This appears to have been a miscalculation.

While the group now have a shiny new username (@ForChange_Now), which is arguably less catchy than the old one, the Twitter page for @TheIndGroup now looks akin an ERG Whatsapp thread during full moon.

@TheIndGroup is now sharing articles about pan-European armies and MPs’ expenses, while the page’s bio reads:

The only thing we'll change is our name, constantly. Parody of a parody of a political party. Brexit means Brexit.

The hijacked account currently appears at the top of a Google search for the term, "The Independent Group Twitter".

More branding confusion was the last thing the new political party needed.

First off, the Electoral Commission (EC) refused their logo application for the European elections.

The logo contained the letters "T I G" in black and white, with "#Change" written below, which the EC decided was "likely to mislead voters".

This means candidates will have a blank space next to their names on the ballot paper.

It wasn't just the Electoral Commission that had an issue with their logo.

Some suggested the hijack could have unintended consequences.

But at this point, that feels more than a little generous.

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