Chelsea Clinton perfectly calls out Trump supporters for protesting outside her parents' house
Mike Coppola / JEFF KOWALSKY / Getty Images

According to Chelsea Clinton, protesters have gathered outside Hillary Clinton's house.

Trump supporters are chanting "lock her up", a reference to the emails scandal that erupted during the 2016 presidential election. Clinton's supposed criminality is also part of several baseless conspiracy theories including QAnon and Pizzagate, which Trump refused to distance himself from during his presidency.

Since the US election Trump has riled up his diehard fans by repeatedly claiming without evidence that it was rigged against him and that he should have won. Anger with the Democrats has not yet settled down.

Despite the fact that the Clintons have had to put up with this kind of divisive rhetoric for four years, Chelsea Clinton's response was cool and collected. She said:

I hope they're wearing masks and some day get over 2016.

Because, while Clinton conceded to her election loss, Trump absolutely refuses to accept his.

Chelsea Clinton's "grace" and "class" won her praise.

As did her hilarious sarcasm.

Since 2016, Trump supporters have repeatedly told Hillary Clinton to get over her election loss.

Way to turn it back on them, Chelsea.

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