England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, has warned gathering in pubs is a “high risk activity” and should be handled with extreme caution.

As of 6am on Saturday, pubs were allowed to open back up after more than three months of closing due to coronavirus social distancing measures.

But during the press briefing on Friday, Whitty gave a stark warning about it all:

The biggest risks are when lots of people from completely different households are brought together in close proximity indoors... that is a high risk activity.

There is no doubt these are environments, whose principal job it is to bring people together, that’s a great thing to do socially but it’s also a great thing to do from the virus’ point of view.

He then advised:

Therefore, we do have to have a really clear and disciplined approach to trying to maintain social distancing whilst also enjoying pubs.

This recent advice hasn’t stopped some people heading to the pub on Saturday morning:

And many, many, many more mercilessly mocking them for it.

Who's keen for a pint?

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