China got foreign students to talk about how much they love President Xi in a totally not-staged or at all menacing propaganda video

Who is Xi Dada?

That's the question posed as the title of a new video uploaded to YouTube by state-controlled Chinese newspaper People's Daily.

'Xi Dada' or 'Uncle Xi' is a pet name for Chinese President Xi Jinping which doesn't have any Stalinist overtones whatsoever. Nope. Nosirree.

The video, released to coincide with Xi's four-day visit to the US, explains where the nickname came from through the medium of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed foreign exchange students living in China.

So what do these foreigners make of Xi and his human rights and environmental policies?

There's drinking the Kool-Aid, and then there's these testimonies.




We hope you got paid a lot to say that.

Sure he'd love to know that.

Watch the madness unfold in the video below.

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