China records highest temperature ever as heatwave likened to an 'inferno'

China records highest temperature ever as heatwave likened to an 'inferno'
Brutal heatwave in Death Valley threatens to top highest ever temperature

China has recorded its highest temperature ever.

The country reached a blistering 52.2C in Sanbao, Xinjiang on Sunday.

This is 1.7C higher than China's previous record and just six months since it broke its record for the lowest temperature at -53C.

Dr Akshay Deoras, from the University of Reading's meteorology department compared heatwaves occurring around the world now as an "inferno".

He said: "Rising temperatures fueled by greenhouse gas emissions are turning up the heat on Europe and the rest of our planet.

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"We knew early on that exceeding a 1.5C warming would have catastrophic consequences for extreme weather events, including the scorching heatwaves we are now seeing in Spain and Italy," reports Sky News.

He added that "more frequent and intense" extreme weather is on the horizon if conditions continue as they are.

But he said it isn't too late to act now and stop the Earth turning into an "inferno".

It comes amid worldwide heatwaves with Seville in Spain predicted to see temperatures exceed 40C this week and other countries like Turkey heating up.

It is about time we all woke up to the climate crisis.

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