Chocolate is going to be more expensive because of Brexit

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 03 May 2017 11:45

Here’s the ultimate “Would You Rather” question: would you rather have your chocolate bar smaller or more expensive?

The bad news is that it isn’t a hypothetical question, because the threat to chocolate is real. And it’s because of Brexit.

Glenn Caton, head of Northern Europe for Mondelez International (which owns Cadbury, Milka and Toblerone), told the BBC’s Today Programme:

Inevitably if there are strong changes in exchange rates and input costs, you have to say 'how do we offset those as a business', and occasionally that we do have to do that through pricing and re-sizing.

You heard it.

Pricing and resizing.

While Caton told the Guardian that Britain would remain the “home of chocolate manufacturing", we might pay more for less of our favourite chocolate.

The article states:

Caton said the first focus would be on boosting productivity, but that the company may eventually have to pass on higher costs to customers by raising prices or shrinkflation - selling smaller products for the same price. He said the brand would have to make these changes to protect the quality and taste of its chocolate. Cadbury would always 'put the consumer at the heart and never compromise on quality and taste,' he added.

Time to stock up.

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