A hitchhiker in Brisbane struck gold when none other than almighty Thor - Chris Hemsworth - decided to pull over and offer the man a lift - in his private helicopter.

Hemsworth was driving with his personal trainer Luke Zocchi when they spotted Scott at the side of the road.

The hitchhiker was American musician Scott Hildebrand and he was trying to get to Byron Bay.

In a video posted to Chris' Instagram, Zocchi is heard saying that they had just landed in Brisbane and they've seen a guy who is hitchhiking to Byron.

"We’re going to Byron, we’ll give him a lift," Hemsworth can be heard in the video.

"Little does he know we’re getting a chopper,” Zocchi continued.

An unsuspecting Hildebrand climbs into the car with his guitar and seemed to be rather excited about the whole situation.

“Chip in for the gas all right, it’s four grand,” Hemsworth jokes. 

Talking to an Australian radio show, Scott said he initially had no idea who the two were and was 'unsure of the situation'.

All of a sudden we pull up to the helipad. They’re like ‘ever flown in a helicopter Scotty?’ and I couldn’t believe it and that’s when I was like ‘who are you guys?.

Luke was like ‘that’s Chris Hemsworth, Thor’ And I was like ‘what? I couldn’t believe it.’

After the journey had come to an end, Hemsworth can be heard saying "All right Scotty, dream’s over back to the normal hitchhiking, combis and stuff mate, you’re on.”

The Tourism Australia ambassador wrote alongside the video: “Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn’t a serial killer which we were stoked about and just happened to be a kick ass musician Scott Hildebrand @scotthilde 🤙👍#WelcomeToAustralia”

If anything, this should end the discussion of who the best - and strongest - 'Avenger' is. If there was ever any doubt.

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