Over the years, Chrissy Teigen has proven to be the absolute Queen of Twitter, which is why the social media platform should probably listen to some of the ideas she has for them.

Teigen has been taking the time recently to make a few suggestions on how to improve the platform, and we're not gonna lie, they're pretty damn good.

For example, on Wednesday the model and author asked Twitter to roll out an "I'm emotional" feed, which basically just gets rid of all the bad news and "only lets you see happy posts". With all the negativity flying around social media, this is something that would most likely appeal to many people.

Then, a day later, the mother of two posted another suggestion, saying it would be cool if Twitter had "an address book of sorts, where you could link or type in why you started following somebody".

This also makes sense and would certainly appeal to the organisers amongst us who could add notes about any key accounts they're following.

These two suggestions were so simple yet so good, we can't wait to hear more. Until then, it's time to give her a job at Twitter.

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