Hardline Christian group claims ‘the homosexual agenda’ is targeting children through libraries and shoes


A hardline Christian group claims that the "Homosexual Agenda" is targeting children and teens in ways which seem very mysterious to some people.

Journalist Jennifer Bendery shared a letter in which the American Family Association, a Christian group from Mississippi advises parents to "beware" of the "Homosexual Agenda" targetting children through "libraries" and "shoes" amongst other things.

The letter reads that AFA is alerting parents "about the concerted effort to normalise homosexuality, same-sex marriage and the transgender lifestyle to the country's youngest citizens".

The president of the group, Tim Wildom, also added:

Many adults may not change their minds on the issue, so the agenda is being pushed through previously unconventional means, such as kids' television programming, clothing, shoes, teen magazines, blockbuster movies and even public libraries.

It's fair to say that people were pretty confused about some of the details of the letter, taking to Twitter to ask just how it is possible to push any sort of agenda through footwear. The amusing responses don't hold back.

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