Christoph Waltz was asked about Brexit and Donald Trump, and nailed it both times

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Christoph Waltz loves to steal a scene.

The two-time Academy Award winning actor Austrian-German actor has spoken eloquently about whether we should judge Donald Trump "by his actions".

He replied to the question on Austrian TV program Zib News that we shouldn't forget the rhetoric that took the Republican to the White House, after it was suggested that he should given a 'grace period' before people judge his performance as president of the United States:

You mean we consider everything he said so far as unsaid? And say: No hard feelings, he did not call for torture. He didn’t say that you should use nuclear weapons if you have them? He didn’t say that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers?

You know. The list knows no bounds. We just pretend these things didn’t come up at all? And say: Anyway, he might be a proper jolly good fellow?

Why? You can’t unsay what has been said.

The reaction to his thoughts has been one of support and praise:

It's also worth remembering that Waltz condemned Nigel Farage for resigning as leader of Ukip, following the Brexit vote in the EU referendum.

He said at the time:

Well, I mean, of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship.

It’s inevitable, you know. They tried to dress it up as a heroic exit — no, it’s conceding defeat.

It’s putting the tail between their legs and as rats do, leave the sinking ship, leave the mess for others to clean up and retreat into some profitable other business," he continued. That shows you how despicable these people are that they can’t even stand up for what they caused.

We wonder what he'd make of the two drawing ever closer ties.

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