The Apprentice's Claude Littner just tried to criticise Andy Burham and northerners are furious
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The Apprentice’s Claude Littner has sparked furious backlash for criticising Andy Burnham.

Burnham, who is the mayor of Greater Manchester, asked the government for £90m to cover furloughing workers and a self-employed scheme. Instead, he was offered £60m.

Tory ministers have insisted the offer is still on the table for Mancunians.

Now, Littner believes Burnham should take it. He urged the mayor to “calm down” and to stop “grandstanding”.

During a Good Morning Britain interview, he said: "Andy and others may be grandstanding on this matter and it’s too important to do that.”

He continued: “What they should be doing is accepting what the government says, albeit it’s not going to help everybody.”

Littner suggested there might be the “possibility” of going back and renegotiating later on.

He then argued that it would be “much better and much healthier for the nation as a whole” to "take it on the chin".

He advised Burnham to “calm down” and to protect the NHS and to instead argue behind the scenes later on.

People weren’t impressed.

We always preferred Nick Hewer anyway.

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