Clever cat teaches itself to use video doorbell to let himself in

Clever cat teaches itself to use video doorbell to let himself in
Clever cat caught on video doorbell trying to get back into house

An intelligent cat has mastered the video doorbell to alert his owner when he wants to go back inside.

Eight-month-old Izzy taught himself the new trick while exploring the garden. Amanda De'Arth, from Ely, Cambs, was stunned to see her cat turn up on her phone, as opposed to the cat flap.

She received a notification, but it wasn't the postman as expected – it was her own bushy-tailed moggy making a catcall.

Amanda called it "hilarious," as she watched the entire footage play out.

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"I turned the microphone on to say hello to Izzy and give him a meow," she said. "You can see him looking around to see where my voice was coming from. He then looked directly at the camera as if to say, 'let me in!'"

He video even shows Izzy meowing back in reply to his owner.

To do his trick the clever cat climbs up the wisteria trellis at the front of Amanda's house and sits on her postbox.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus motion sensor is then activated by the curious boy.

He has since repeated the trick four or five times.

This suits Amanda, who shares her home with her partner who did not want to be named, as their glass doors aren't suited for catflaps.


Izzy now has a brother cat Bugsy who Amanda, an NHS worker, hopes he'll teach his tricks.

The video of Izzy's trick has since gone viral online and has already hit the local newspapers.

Amanda, who shares a home with her partner, said: "I just posted it for a laugh but it's gone mad to have so much attention around it."

Izzy's unusual name for a boy cat came because the couple was told when they adopted him that he was a girl.

Amanda said: "After checking, he was definitely a boy.

"The name came from the question, 'izzy a boy or izzy a girl?' and the name just stuck."

Credit: SWNS.

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