Artists visualised what climate change could do to New York and it's breathtaking


Last year, Donald Trump pulled out the Paris Climate Accord, a deal that 195 countries agreed upon to keep the global temperature rise only twodegrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels for this century.

He called it 'very unfair to the United States'.

He was heavily criticised by French President Emmanuel Macron, French Diplomats, the people of Pittsburgh, and the weather channel.

A film by artists known as 'Claire&Max' Countour or Menilmonde has depicted incredibly illustrated how bad things might become if the word ignores that two degree figure.

The film shows a still by still break down of iconic streets in and landmarks in New York - but they're all underwater.

The four minute video is entitled Two °C and shows the frightening effects of climate change.

It opens with Pershing Square, in Manhattan the intersection of Park Avenue and 42nd Street in front of Grand Central Terminal.

MenilmondePicture: Menilmonde

It also shows the iconic skyline coming into the city.

Picture:Picture: Menilmonde

Picture:Picture: Menilmonde

Here, Times Square, one of the most famous sites in the world is shown flooded.

Picture:Picture: Menilmonde

The couple told indy100 the project took "several months" and was done in two steps.

We needed to delete all the people in the streets and the human life.

Then, we added the water : it’s the result of 3D simulation.  

The place of man in our society is one of the main themes of our work, with the theme of emptiness and abandonment, convinced of the atrophic impact on the environment.

We travelled a lot and convinced too that our planet is very fragile : but people forget too fast or do not pay attention, still today.

Worse, some do not believe in climate warming.

The couple also depicted what might happen to Grand Central Station.

Picture:Picture: Menilmonde

Picture:Picture: Menilmonde

Picture:Picture: Menilmonde

The short film ends with a quote from Victor Hugo

Its sad to think that nature speaks and mankind doesn't listen.

You can watch the whole thing here:

They told indy100 they'd had a lot of comments saying they should depict Trump Tower underwater, but they hope the silver lining of Trump's withdrawal from the deal is wider awareness of it.

We thought that Macron had a good reaction with his "Make the planet great again”.

Communication on climate change must go on and on.

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