Donald Trump has ignited strong condemnation across the world after he announced he will be taking the US out of the Paris climate deal.

A lot of criticism has been levelled at Trump from world leaders, experts and journalists as the impact of this decision will likely have huge implications on future generations.

The Paris agreement has laid out essential targets for countries to reduce air pollution and tackle climate change before it's too late.

The Weather Channel decided to troll the president, and possibly educate him on his enormous mistake, in a genius way.

Its homepage featured a story about Trump's announcement, and then, under that, a series of article headlines read:

"So, what happens to the earth now?"

"Still don't care? Proof you should"

"...and more proof..."

"...and even more proof..."

"Or the imminent collapse of a key ice shelf"

"Or Antarctica turning green"

"Or California's coast disappearing into the sea"

Case in point:

Picture:Picture: The Weather Channel

If only sass could save the planet - we'd be absolutely fine.

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