CNN reporter freaks out after giant bug lands on him on camera

A CNNreporter had an “unwelcome visitor” make his way up his suit on Thursday, when a giant cicada landed on him as he prepared to go live.

Manu Raju was getting ready to begin broadcasting from the US Capitolbuilding when the insect began crawling up the collar and around his neck, with the reporter completely unaware of the bug as he chatted to colleagues.

Shortly after the insect disappears, Mr Raju places a hand behind his neck and quickly swats the beast to the ground.

Several profanities then followed.

“F**king cicada,” the broadcaster can be heard saying. “What the hell? Do I have more on me?

“Where are all these f**king cicadas coming from?”

The 44-second clip soon went viral online, as many compared the incident to other videos of reporters being freaked out by bugs while doing the day job:

Others responded to say that the insects were their nightmare fuel:

In a follow-up interview, Mr Raju revealed that another cicada had reportedly fell out of his pocket, and that the 15-year-old daughter of a producer was tasked with bleeping the now viral clip.

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