CNN’s Don Lemon mocks Senator Josh Hawley for claims he’d been ‘muzzled’ by US media

A CNN journalist has mocked a Republican Senator after he claimed he was being “muzzled” by the US media.

In the New York Post, Josh Hawley complained he had been a victim of cancel culture, and was being reprimanded as he “did not conform to the corporate chieftains”.

However Don Lemon was quick to point out the Missouri senator was not so much the martyr he claimed to be, having been given a front-page editorial and a segment to talk about said op-ed on Fox News.

Talking on CNN Tonight, he said: “Josh Hawley will have you believe that he’s the victim in all of this. He’s a victim. Josh Hawley. He’s a victim of cancel culture.

“Oh wait a minute, he’s on the TV, he’s so canceled that he’s on your television. He’s trying to sell that claim to Fox News just tonight.”

Lemon reminded viewers that Hawley voted to overturn the US Presidential Election votes in Arizona and Pennysylvania.

The Republican also saluted crowds of Trump supporters before the Capitol Riots broke out, with his book deal dropped and subsequently picked up by an independent publisher following the violence.

The CNN host continued: “Can’t you see you’re being played, people, if you fall for that BS?"

“No one has muzzled Josh Hawley. What happened to Josh Hawley isn’t cancel culture, it’s called consequences. It’s how America works. Say whatever you want but you have to pay the price.”

He then proceeded to mock the senator, saying: “He’s a victim. Oh my God, he’s being canceled. Poor baby. Do you need a binky?”

CNN viewers were here for Lemon’s honesty, praising the anchor for standing up to the senator’s false claims.

Lemon added: “Think about the actions in the Capitol. Think about what happened, think about the people who died, think about the cops who were beaten by people. Think about all that. And someone is concerned about a book.”

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