Everyone's favourite astrology app has gone to war with Google and it’s hilarious

Everyone's favourite astrology app has gone to war with Google and it’s hilarious

What can’t millennials live without?

Avocados (hate them, personally).


Houseplants (even if they’re killing the environment).

And astrology, of course.

Thanks to the internet, there’s been a huge boom in astrology over the last few years. It’s now a lucrative industry that can be adapted very easily to any product: clothing, books, decor… apps.

Yes, waking up, rolling over and opening up your astrology app instead of Instagram is becoming an all-too familiar scenario.

While this may be a bit of fun for some, there are others who take it very seriously.

Which is maybe why the makers of Co-Star, one of the world’s biggest astrology apps, has declared war on Google after a wrangle that apparently saw their app removed from the Google Play Store.

In a very calm and not at all melodramatic note titled “Google hates astrology”, posted to all their social media platforms, the makers of Co-Star accused the tech firm of “anti-astrology prejudice” for removing the app from their store.

“At 8PM EST on February 5, 2020, the Co-Star app was unceremoniously removed from the Google Play store,” read the message. 

“We’ve worked hard to make a useful language for understanding ourselves and others, despite counter claims that [astrology] is a ‘pseudo-science”. 

Counter-counter claim: it is.

They continued.

“We launched our Android app two weeks ago [...] All we we ever wanted was to bring you the app you’ve been asking for, yet we are forced to justify ourselves and our mission to big exploitative companies like Google again and again”.

According to Co-Star, Google flagged a “metadata violation”, which tbh, sounds less like any beef with the zodiac and more like someone messed up the backend coding.

The Play Store also hosts thousands of other astrology apps, without batting an eyelid.

But that didn’t stop the enraged team (I’m sensing… Scorpios. With maybe an Aries or two to boot) from encouraging their one million plus followers across Insta and Twitter to physically – I repeat: PHYSICALLY – protest the decision outside Google HQ. Co-Star says 'astrology rights!'

“This is unacceptable,” they wrote.

“We won’t tolerate anti-astrology prejudice. Tell @google to reinstate us immediately. If we aren’t back by then, meet us at 5:00PM on Friday, February 7th in front of the Google HQ. Bring your friends”.

Co-Star… people are dying.

Unsurprisingly, Co-Star’s incredible overreaction (and how could they not see this situation coming via their charts?) to what is definitely just a programming issue and not astrology oppression, has caused mirth across the internet.

Some were taken aback at their ability to organise.

Marx lives!

Others decided to realign their priorities.

Others merely cracked up at the entire bonkers scenario.

Google have yet to respond but at the time of writing Co-Star appears to be back on its platform. So maybe the fear of five angry astrology enthusiasts turning up outside its headquarters was simply too much to bear.

Or perhaps, they just sorted the error out. Much to consider!

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