Kim Kardashian just revealed she’s never used her pool and Kanye West’s reaction is all of us.

The 39-year-old reality TV star sat down to answer questions about their $20m (£15.3m) home with her 42-year-old singer husband for a new video for Architectural Digest.

Kanye then asked his wife:

When was the last time you used our pool?

Hesitantly, Kim responded:

I’ve never used our pool actually. Can you believe that? But I love our pool!

The pair then laughed and as Kim revealed they compromised on not having a jacuzzi by making sure the pool is ‘hot all the time’ and the ‘kids, like, love it’.

Let’s just say, Twitter had some thoughts about the whole situation… but especially on Kanye’s reaction to Kim’s revelation:

The Los Angeles mansion took four years to renovate but thankfully it sounds like the rest of the family (and even extended family) make the most out of it.

Kim later revealed:

We just wanted a really long front stair, which has been amazing because all the babies just sit on that stair and all the cousins come over… we built this really long stair and it’s not the deepest pool so the kids love it.

Thank god someone’s actually using it...

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