People spotted something different about the Coca-Cola advert and they're freaking out
Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Yes, we know it's November, not December.

We know.

Nevertheless, as per the rules of capitalism: money must be made.

And so the Christmas advertisments have begun. John Lewis recently released its long-waited heart-warming piece. Now, it's Coca-Cola's turn.

You know the one we're talking about: the red truck. Father Christmas. That glass bottle of coke. And the comforting wink at the end.

But wait.

People have spotted something different about this year's ad:

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Donald Trump didn't break the world; Brexit didn't break the world. Santa did.

People are losing their minds


The wink hasn't been present for a few years, but that hadn't stopped people from revolting...

What you're hearing, ladies and gentlemen, is the collective screams of people who have lost too much. Too much.

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